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Social interaction is what makes us feel alive. Communication is the basis for all our relationships so understanding as many nuances of conversation is crucial. To find out more, please call us at 707-542-1154 in Sana Rosa and in Healdburg at 707-433-0705.

Audéo SMART, the world's smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality. Audéo S SMART III proves that quality does not have to cost the world, now with UltraZoom Standard and other SPICE features such as SoundFlow Standard, WhistleBlock Technology and NoiseBlock Processing plus the freedom of full wireless connectivity. SoundRecover expands audibility for the full spectrum of sounds, and the Audéo S SMART fitting range accommodates mild to severe hearing losses. See and hear if the Phonak AUDEO S SMART is right for you!

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To find out more about this month's special offers, please call us at 707-542-1154 in Sana Rosa and in Healdburg at 707-433-0705.

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